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Tip-Top Tack Tips

Taking good care of your tack seems like a no-brainer – we all know how much it costs! So, here are a few recommendations to help keep your tack in tip-top condition.

Keeping it clean

Tack often picks up a lot of grease and sweat, particularly if autumn temperatures stay mild. Keeping your tack clean will both protect it and keep your horse more comfortable. So, make sure you…

  • thoroughly scrub your horse’s bit and wipe your girth off after every ride (whether it’s synthetic or leather) – to prevent rubs and sores, as well as to help protect the girth itself
  • give all your tack a wipe off with warm water to remove any grease or dirt, then, using a dry sponge, apply a layer of saddle soap at least weekly.
  • ensure you don’t apply soap to a dirty bridle, – the soap won’t be able to get into the leather and work its magic.
  • double check with either your saddler or saddle manufacturer, to ensure your soap is suitable. Some soaps have the potential to stain or fade the leather.
  • cover the buckles of your synthetic girth with a thick bag to prevent damage, and put it in your washing machine to freshen it up.
  • try a metal polish to give any buckles and martingale rings a real shine

Take good care

Looking after your tack and storing it appropriately is just as important as keeping it clean. By keeping your tack stored somewhere dry, such as in a tack room or your house, you will help prevent the growth of mould, which thrives in damp conditions and can cause damage and staining. Ensure you always store your saddle on a purpose-built rack, this will prevent the tree from being damaged, and try to keep your bridle hung up on a peg to keep it both clean and supple – many people loop the reins through the throatlash and twist the noseband around the rest of the bridle to keep it neat and secure.

We also recommend:

  • using a saddle cover to help keep your saddle clean and prevent scrapes to the leather
  • checking the stitching on all of your tack regularly to ensure it’s safe to use


  1. If you use a hard saddle soap, wet it very slightly to make application easier. Make sure you don’t let it lather, though, as this can leave a white coating on the leather.
  2. Use a cocktail stick to poke through the holes in your bridle and stirrup leathers to prevent a build up of soap – this will make it easier when you come to do the buckles up, too
  3. Don’t oil your tack too often as it can weaken and distort the leather.
  4. Strip and clean your tack immediately after riding in the rain, as this will prevent the leather from fading or being weakened.

Once you’ve got on top of taking care of your tack and worked out a routine, it’s easy to stay ahead of the game. Spending a little extra time giving it some TLC can save you money in repairing or buying new kit, ensuring your tack lasts longer.

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Canter on in style this summer

Summer is here and now is the time to embrace this season’s latest trends. From bright colours to bold patterns and layering, check out our top tips for staying on-trend during the long hot days ahead.

Revamp your equestrian wardrobe with colourful accessories – bright colours are a key trend for summer 2015 and this easily translates into equestrian clothing and kit. One of the simplest ways to bring your wardrobe right up-to-date is with vibrant summer accessories for both rider and horse. Wearing a bright colour from head-to-toe may seem a little daunting, but a bright ‘pop’ of colour from a patterned sock can be an easy way to embrace the trend, or if you’re feeling a little braver, why not break away from beige and make a statement with coloured jodhpurs?

You could even try subtly colour-coordinating your horse’s kit. Brightly coloured saddlecloths can instantly update your horse’s everyday wear, while adding a matching crochet fly bonnet is both practical and super smart. Check out our coordinating saddlecloths and bonnets which come in eye-catching combinations of black and pink, navy and bright blue, purple and green.

Layer up in style for unpredictable conditions – layering is set to be a big trend if London Fashion Week is anything to go by and this is also a really practical style for horse riders to embrace. A gilet is the perfect go-to item when it comes to layering, no matter what time of year and whatever the weather. Throw on a gilet over a t-shirt for summer mornings at the stables or layer with a sweater or fleece for chiller summer evenings.

Invest in the classics – when it comes to certain parts of your kit, it’s important to choose classic designs which are proven to stand the test of time. Leather is an equestrian staple that is always in fashion and there’s no leather like Italian leather, known for its high quality and long-lasting suppleness.

Here at Bridleway, we have launched a brand new collection of Italian leather ‘Lavello Leatherwork’. There are four styles of bridle available, as well as a running martingale and a breastplate. All bridles feature ergonomic, all-in-one padded headpieces for pressure relief and come complete with flexible, non-stretch rubber grip reins.