Prepare your horse for all conditions this autumn

With the summer coming to a rather abrupt end, the colder season are fast approaching, bringing turbulent and inconsistent weather with them. With this in mind, you need to be fully prepared to ensure that your horse or pony remains in tip-top condition.

Horse care

The weather can change in an instant over this season and so extra care should be taken to ensure that your horse remains comfortable and happy. Regular grooming is a must to make sure that any mud and dirt is removed. This allows for your horse’s coat to fluff up, something it does naturally in order to retain heat.

Water is essential to their diet so be sure to take extra precautions when the temperature drops. Insulate any water pipes so that water doesn’t freeze, retaining a constant water supply. If water from the troughs is cold, add some hot water to encourage your horse to drink more.

Out in the elements

After grooming, keep your horse’s coat protected whilst out in the paddock with a suitable rug, such as our new Ontario Medium Turnout. This rug benefits from a 220g quilted fill to keep off the chills, and a 600 denier ripstop outer shell that protects against rain and wind as well as wear and tear.

Safely stabled

When your horse or pony isn’t turned out, keep them sheltered from the elements. If you have a stable, keep it clean and make sure that there are no holes in which rain and cold air can seep through.

Being still in a stable can mean that your horse’s body temperature can lower. This is where rugs come in – especially as we move towards the perilous winter months. A generously quilted rug, like our Montreal Stable Rug, which has a 200g fill and is cut extra deep with an ample overlap at the breast and a large tail flap, is a must for keeping your horse warm during the night.

An additional means of keeping your horse or pony warm during the night is bandaging their legs. Fleece bandages are a savvy choice, not only providing extra warmth but being lovely and soft providing maximum comfort too.

With these simple precautions in mind you can ensure your horse is happy, leaving you both free to appreciate the joys that autumn has to bring; from crisp mornings to colourful evening rides.