Be Safe. Be Seen

It looks like summer is over, and with shorter days all part and parcel of the changing seasons, riding in dim light is something we understand can’t always be avoided. With this in mind it’s important to be sure to keep yourself and your horse or pony safe as the nights draw in by making sure you can be seen at all times.

On dark, poorly-lit roads it can be difficult for drivers to spot you on your horse. By wearing fluorescent clothing, drivers have a much better chance of seeing you straight away.

There’s a vast range of reflective gear available for both horse and rider in order to maximise visibility. Reflective wraps, such as our fleece lined Yellow Wraps, are an essential. These can be worn on horse’s legs or rider arms. Also available within our reflective range is our standout Yellow Exercise Sheet with Tail Flap, a lightweight, bright exercise sheet that can be used under the saddle of your horse or pony.

Another tip for making yourself more visible is to wear pale coloured gloves rather than darker shades, making your hand signals more likely to be seen. This gives drivers enough time to be able to react to your horse or pony’s movements.

Riding in the evening can be just as enjoyable as daytime riding. As long as you and your horse or pony can easily be seen, both of you can stay safe and sound.